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The fundamental aim of our educative mission is evangelization. We do this by encouraging the young people to know Jesus Christ; leading them to learn to be humble, grateful, loving and corresponding to His unconditional love. We dedicate ourselves to the holistic formation of the young people entrusted to us. In our mission of evangelism, we act wisely, competently and charitably in order to promote harmoniously their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth, potentials and well-being.

We help the young people in our school develop their personality, coordinating the human knowledge with the Christian message so that their perspective of the world and on humanity may be enlightened by their Christian faith. Spirituality is a fundamental component in holistic education because it emphasizes the harmony between the four dimensions of life – body, mind, heart and spirit.

Our school, therefore, promotes policies and practices that support the development of the learners’ potential in a holistic and integrated manner. Our responsibility is to educate and nurture individuals who are well balanced in academics, their outlook to life and personal understanding of themselves in relation to the world.

The school also promotes participation in all aspects of school life, to enable the learners discover their talents, enhance their creativity and ignite in them a critical sense and awareness of their moral responsibility. We help them mature in the sense of ethical responsibility, learning to use their freedom in the correct way, which prepares them to participate actively in social life in a Christian spirit.

Love is one of the major values that runs and guides the spiritual dimension of John Paul II Primary School. In this regard, the institution partners with its stakeholders to serve God, through charity work, guided by love and the selfless spirit of the Pelican. The institution takes part in charitable endeavours by helping the less fortunate in the society. Charity, an exercise which has been the norm since the foundation of the institution, has impacted positively on the lives of many in the immediate community. The school, through the ‘Needy Child Initiative’, educates the children from the less fortunate families by sponsoring their education up to the university level. The learners’ spiritual life is one of the major priorities of the institution. The school has its roots under the doctrines of the Catholic Church. The learners’ spirituality is enhanced through catechism classes, rosary sessions and weekly masses. A child with a solid spiritual foundation is able to withstand the storms of life.

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